KeddyMe is the first mood and emotions-based social and discovery mobile application that helps you discover your “H” spot – Happiness.


OUR vision

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the conventional thinking behind all mobile apps lack of real human connection; we term it technological detachment. The way we challenge their conventional thinking... well, that’s confidential. Sorry, we can’t share this with you right now because we’re in the middle of fund raising. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us – link - we’ll gladly share our secrets with you. We’ve already built the alpha. Join us in building beta and launching an app that will change people’s lives.



KeddyMe is the result of years of studying AI, Mood Technology, Visual and Ambience Search Engines, Bio-Metric Technology and Wearables in our quest to design a mobile application that can experience the world like humans do. In our pursuit to conquer the next frontier of the “Emotional Internet” we believe that our user-validated solution(s) solve multiple problems with virtually all “AI” consumer and enterprise platforms.

Only app that understands human emotions.

It helps you visually discover positive things around you by continuously adapting to your changing feelings. . 

Only app that understands the “Why” behind your questions.

Understands simple and complex questions and the intent behind them providing only best answers based on people’s feelings, passions, preferences, location and current needs. . 

Only personalized app serving you tailor-made results relating only to you.

Only 4-5 best answers not the thousands you currently receive from all other apps and not because an advertiser paid us to show them. . 


Millions of AI-centric apps (e.g. Google Now, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp and others) exist claiming to know what people want but are generally disappointing to over 1 Billion people worldwide because they can’t recreate human intelligence without our patent pending human touch technology. It will provide a superior means to read and interpret multiple emotional data between people and machines allowing us to provide only 4 – 5 tailor-made positive answers relating to people’s needs not the irrelevant millions they now receive.

KEDDYME - Discovering your 'H' Spot

How much are we raising to further develop and launch KeddyMe?

We are seeking $1.1 Million in Seed Funding



Our core development team encompasses expertise in a wide variety of areas including UX, AI, search, analytics, big data, digital marketing strategy and execution and much more.

Edward Gargano

Co-Founder and CEO View Details

Kedar Mehta

Co-Founder View Details
Edward Gargano

Edward Gargano

Co-Founder and CEO

Ed Co-Founded KeddyMe in 2015 with the mission to help people around the world to discover their passions. As an entrepreneur, experienced business owner, advisor, senior manager, mentor and angel investor, Ed has bootstrapped several companies from inception to millions in revenue over the past 25+ years including Open House America, Gargano Communications, Vibrant Imaging and Twin Towers Communications. Ed’s interests and passions are in technology, media, advertising and entertainment especially in creating a smart app that understands people’s emotions and connects them to marketers only when they’re actually ready to make a purchase. Ed left his most recent full time operational leadership role to help drive the vision in this new mobile discovery platform. In his previous life he held sales, marketing and senior leadership roles at CBS TV, NBC TV, Scripps & Nickelodeon. He’s married with five children and currently divides his time between South Florida and greater New York City.

Edward Gargano

Kedar Mehta


“Every human has a story to tell and every story is unique”….. Sadly, today’s social and search apps just don’t seem to get it – that we are humans and not machines. When Kedar met Ed, he realized that the best way to solve the problem described by Ed – was to build something humane – not mechanical. That’s why the idea of a Naturally Intelligent lifestyle app clicked inside his brain. Kedar adopted some of Ed’s ideas including a personalized scheduled search engine, and built the world’s first social/lifestyle app that understands people’s moods and suggests things they might love. He envisioned a platform that went beyond “AI” by adding a feature no one else has called: “Natural Intelligence”. Capitalizing on Kedar’s expertise in UX, he wire-framed an app with game-changing UI. Together with our team we designed and tested an alpha/prototype that works with limited functionality on Android. As co-founder Kedar’s primary focus is on setting the creative products/technical direction for KeddyMe and building a strong team of bright dedicated developers and tech programmers. Kedar is a creative solutionist; capable of learning any technology quickly. He’s worked @ the world’s biggest hedge fund and largest banks solving problems for billion dollar clients before focusing on building something from the grass-roots level. Kedar has 10 years of experience as an IT Systems Analyst in all technical stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering with distinction. He is also a Sun Certified Java programmer and has won many open-source awards. He actively volunteers with non-profit organizations working for poor kids in NYC and abroad, green earth, and music.



10 Things, You Should Know About KeddyMe.

It’s free

We know, NO LUNCH IS FREE. But believe us, it’s free. 

You’ll never see any advertising*

You’ve heard this before, right? It’s generally believed that if an app is free then you’ll be barraged with lots of ads. We promise that unless you decide to opt-in we don’t accept nor will you ever see a single ad. 

Personalized for only you

KeddyMe is being developed for your personalized use. When you use it, it’ll actually know what you want and mean. 

Remembers your likes and dislikes

We make this solemn promise, the more you use KeddyMe, the better we’ll be at remembering your likes and dislikes and the better our service will be for you. 

It learns about you and becomes your personal assistant

It will follow up with your reminders, do things you don’t like or don’t have time for and behave like your personal assistant. 

Answers complex questions

It understands the “Why” behind all of your simple and complex questions. 

Less work, fewer and better responses

You’ll never have to type anything or speak into your smartphone, just swipe through beautiful graphics and you’ll get the answers you want. 

It will never block or slow your exploratory freedom

For us, personal freedom to freely explore is something that can never be compromised. 

Protected Privacy

We promise: we’ll NEVER share any of your private information with anyone. Period!. 

Rewards for using KeddyMe

*Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy – If you ever decide to opt in to an ad and actually purchase something, you’ll be rewarded by getting X % back and X% will go to your favorite charity in your name. 

We would love to hear from you

Your feedback means a lot to us. Thanks for visiting us.